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Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed is comfortable and useful piece of furniture for room of any size. It is a perfect blend of standard furniture with innovative technologies. This type of bed, also known as Wall bed or fold-down bed, allows saving space and makes a perfect room arrangement especially important for limited in space areas such as studios and lofts.
When assembled, Murphy bed is mounted vertically against the wall or inside of a cabinet. It looks like a standard closet or wardrobe that, with the help of folding mechanism, can be easily transformed into a fully-featured bed with mattress (watch video). With this helpful furniture item any room can perform several functions simultaneously: it can be bedroom, children's playroom, home office, living room, etc. You can mount it even in the kitchen or balcony.

As it seen from the title, Wall bed is a transformer. It can be easily opened and closed due to safe piston-lift system before and after sleeping time, saving the space whether the bed is used as intended or not. If not, it can be transformed into a modern closet with shelves, doors and other storage units.

Not only modern designed furniture, Murphy bed is also progressive approach to furniture arrangement and saving the space in the room.