Looking for a perfect bed, the most intimate part of your apartment? A truly comfortable bed is vital for everyone! Door to Door store presents a wide range of beds and ready to satisfy even the most exacting customer. Looking through the huge number of various models it is hard to make a choice from the first sight. Especially it is hard to enter a new piece into existing bedroom furnishing. Using a brief summary of presented items it will be much more convenient to make a proper choice:

Panel Beds feature headboards, made of leather or decorated withholding, and footboards made of wood panels. These classically designed furniture pieces can be perfectly fitted into any bedroom.

Platform Beds are characterized by simple design with flexible wooden slats or support structure for a mattress. A platform beneath in some models serves as a storage place. Some models are featuring headboards as well.

Sleigh Beds stand out for their scrolled headboards and footboards. Wooden models are suitable for classically designed bedrooms, while metal ones fit more to antique style. Sleigh Bed with a minimalist ornate design will be more suitable for modern designed rooms.

Murphy or Wall Beds are the best choice for lofts, studios and bedrooms in need of space-saving furniture. When assembled, this furniture piece looks like a standard closet or wardrobe that, with the help of folding mechanism, can be easily transformed into a fully-featured sleeping platform with mattress. Not only practical, Murphy Beds also have a unique flair that makes them special and exclusive.

Every item in this category is offered in several sizes and colors. Mattresses, as a rule, are not included, but Door to Door store took care about large variety of mattresses for all models.

Choosing a bed is very important whether you design a new bedroom decor, or refresh an already existing. Choosing a bed is a really personal matter, it is like buying clothes, you need to get one that will perfectly match with your personality and taste, only then you will plunge into the true joy and delight. The bed you’ll pick depends on your taste, your vision of the most comfortable bedroom, specifics of interior and budget, so choose wisely and enjoy new furniture!